Vladimir Ilich Teniaev

Vladimir Ilich Teniaev graduated from Moscow University as a software engineer in 1986, worked with different graphic software products for IBM for two years - long enough to realize that real art is always created by man's hand. He changed the field of work and started to paint under supervision of his friends, prominent Russian artists Niolai Shuriguin (Portrait class), Ivan Dmitriev (Still Life Class), Vladimir Sokovnin (Olain Air Studies).

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Michael Santini

Michael Santini now resides in Wisconsin after living in Arizona for 25 years.  Besides showing in galleries he will also work with individuals to do commission pieces.  He works in oils, does intricate pencil drawings and sculptures. His work has been exhibited in shows in Pennsylvania, Arizona, New york City, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Paris, France. He has also done illustrations for books, cover art for the Arizona Daily Star, wine labels and posters. I have known Michael Santini for over twenty years. His attention to detail and his pursuit of excellence is immediately evident from the works represented here.

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Claudette Haba

Claudette Haba lives in New Jersey and always has several pieces available. She works in oils and watercolors. Claudette will always have several pieces in various stages of development and is very interested in the surrounding historical significance of the area in which she lives. Claudette has had several exhibitions in New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut and New York City. I have known claudette Haba for almost twenty-five years and her body of work is most impressive. Her ability to render a painting in oil or watercolor with equal acumen has always impressed me. She also introduced me to the joy of Calvados, and she enjoys playing the guitar, which I can also relate to.

Claudette Haba 1948-1999

I first met Claudette Haba in 1976 following an art exhibit in which we both had work. We immediately developed a friendship, which spanned over two decades. Together, we went whale watching, we attended concerts, ballets and art exhibits, played guitar together, weathered many relationships with other people and most importantly, we journeyed through our development as artists for an incredible ride which was always one of discovery. She always encouraged me when I had low periods in my life as well as my art and I did my best to reciprocate, not just out of appreciation, but out of respect for not only a fine artist, but at the core of it all, an extremely sensitive and interesting individual. Claudette was truly a unique creation of God.

Sadly, and with profound sorrow, our journey through life as friends and colleagues ended on Sunday, the fifth of December, when Claudette passed away suddenly. I spoke to her just last week and discussed our Millennium Project, which she had just finished. Although I will not be able to journey with her through the rest of my life, I know she will always be a part of me for the rest of my time here. Something of her will always be in my work, because she was a a part of my art for such a long time.

Her obituary read, Miss Haba is survived by her mother, two brothers and a sister. This is not entirely true. She is also survived by so many friends that will always carry with them the memory of this person, who herself was a masterpiece. She is also survived by her artwork. We discussed many times the importance of our art. As we agreed, the art is our reason for being alive. We believed that. I will miss that aspect for I know it will be impossible to replace someone who was so tuned in to my philosophy. As I go it alone from here, my wife Jaclyn and children Schuyler and Rianna share this loss with Claudette's family, friends, co-workers, and the community. Good-bye for now, my dear friend.



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The painting in the article is called "Dungeon" and shows Stephen Polin S.P.XYXX painting and Claudette on "the other side".

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Rianna Polin

R ianna has just begun to paint at the age of eight. Millennium Bird is her first effort. At the age of six, Rianna won first prize in Kindergarten class in statewide competition for her poster depicting an "Act of Kindness."

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Schuyler Polin

My son. Sky has watched me paint for years. When he and I were home alone and I wanted to paint, he would just sit and watch me. One day, he asked if he could try to paint. This was his first painting. He liked the ambiguity of signing his painting "Sky" since it was both the subject and his name. At the time Sky completed this painting, he was six years old. He continues to paint. Check here in the future to see new paintings by Schuyler Polin.

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Juliette Pelletier

Juliette Pelletier received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990 from Parsons School of Design in Paris, France and attended the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts the year following. Juliette's paintings have been exhibited in France, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States. Her paintings are also part of private collections in France, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and India. Juliette currently lives in New York City and has a studio in Tucson, Arizona.

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Genevieve LaVo

Genevieve LaVO received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001 from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. After graduation she worked as an in-house designer for a stained glass company. After a few years she moved out to Boulder, and worked as a lead designer for the Scripps newspaper The Daily Camera and Alternative paper Dirt. Currently, Genevieve lives in the Lehigh Valley and is starting up a new design firm. She is also in school finishing her Art Education Certificate. She works primarily in oil and mixed media focusing on current women's issues. Genevieve's work has been exhibited in shows around the Lehigh Valley, and her paintings are part of private collections around the Philadelphia area.

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Marcia Machtiger

Welcome to the whimsical, imaginative world of Marcia Gordon Machtiger (MGM), writer and artist extraordinaire!  Her work is driven by pure intuition, with no preconceived notion of what she wants to draw.  The distinctive styles of her work have evolved over the last 25 years when she began producing a series of pen and ink drawings after a severe brain injury.

Marcia was born in New York City in 1955. Ten years later her family moved to London, England where Marcia lived until she was 19 years old.  In London, Marcia attended American School of London and mastered classical piano.  She spent time in Israel prior to attending the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a BS in psychology and a BA in philosophy. Marcia became part of the local Pittsburgh art scene as a freelance film-maker and musician.  She was also a drummer in the “psychobilly” rock band, the Lug Nuts.  She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

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