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Stephen L. Polin aka S.P. Xyxx

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In 1972, I began to paint with oil colors, as I had been influenced through the years by seeing the works of Magritte, Ernst, Dali, and DeChirico. I was not trained in the field of art, as my previous education was dedicated to the study of mathematics. I went to many exhibits in New York and Philadelphia and studied the works at the museums, but not confining my interests to surrealism.

Late in 1974, I was put in contact with Mr. David Mann of the Bodley Gallery in New York City. Mr. Mann had represented Paul Klee, Magritte, Picasso and Max Ernst for decades and was an authority on surrealist painting. He offered me a show for two weeks in 1975. We sold about 70% of my work.

My interest now moved to porcelain sculpture and I proceeded with limited editions of porcelains which were limited to no more than 50 pieces. I also experimented with etchings, which were also on small editions.

I now took my portfolio to London, where I secured a show for 1976 at the Sloane Street Gallery. The show ran for a month and even in England's depressed economy, several works were sold.

Upon my return, I set the date with Mr. Mann once again for another one-man show at the Bodley Gallery for December of 1978. We sold about 80% of the work.

In 1979, I had collected commissions for over 20 paintings and seeking a change in scenery, I moved to Tucson, Arizona to complete the work. I completed 44 Paintings in 10 months. Upon my return to New Jersey in 1980, I repacked within 6 months and returned to Arizona and entered the University of Arizona to study painting and sculpture. In accelerated study; I completed the program with honors in a little less than two years. In this time, I learned to sculpt stone, make aluminum sculpture, work in gold and silver making jewelry and knives, learned watercolor technique, acrylic painting, etching, bronze casting and most important improved my oil painting technique. I had several shows at the University and surrounding area galleries while in Tucson.

Upon my return to New Jersey in 1984, I continued to paint and produced a porcelain edition depicting the crumbling Berlin wall. Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany owns one of these pieces as does the New Jersey State Museum. The edition of 50 is 90% sold.

In 1988, I completed a series of oil and pencil on opaque film and inserted them into lightboxes. This is called the Adam Series. Through the years, I have been working on a deck of cards. I have completed all the cards in their suits into the Jacks. I began this project in 1975 and estimate that completion will be by the year 2002 making this a 25+-year project.

I keep very complete records of materials I use and all clients who own my work.

My styles vary and are no longer confined to surrealism, rather to the style, which best suits the work.

I was married in 1985 and my wife, Jaclyn, son, Schuyler and daughter, Rianna and I now live in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Since 1972, I have completed nearly 300 oil paintings, several hundred etchings, over 300 watercolors, 5 porcelain series totaling over 125 pieces and over 200 other works in aluminum, marble, stone, bronze, pen and ink, pastel, gold, silver, copper and pencil.

I'd estimate that over 75% of these pieces have been sold, however, I maintain an inventory of pieces and always have 4 to 5 pieces in progress.

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And several private collections in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Colorado, California, Minnesota, New York, Hawaii, Indiana, Utah, Florida, Connecticut, Illinois, New Mexico, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, District of Columbia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Austria, United Kingdom, Australia, Cuba, and Cayman Islands.